Afekta is a metabolomics service company based on solid science and research.

Afekta Technologies Ltd.

Afekta Technologies Ltd. is a spin-off company based on over a decade of experience in metabolic profiling analytics at the University of Eastern Finland. We offer mass spectrometry-based comprehensive metabolomics services tailored for any research & development question and any biological sample material. We are at the cutting edge of metabolomics science and know how to best utilize the extremely accurate and sensitive mass spectrometry measurements. Although metabolic profiling teaches us something new every single time we apply it, we know the pitfalls, and how to avoid them!

During our early days at the university core facility, we noticed that the usual way of providing our customers with the measured metabolite data in a spreadsheet file and continuing the data-analysis including identification of compounds as a collaboration just wasn’t enough. There was a clear need for a more comprehensive service, incorporating visualization and interpretation of the data, and really turning the data into actionable results. For academic customers, we want to provide a full “from samples to publication” experience. For our industrial customers, we will tailor a service that meets your business goals, might they be in research & development, quality assurance, or somewhere else!

Our passion for science and hunger for doing things right were the reasons why we founded Afekta.


Afekta Team

afekta technologies metabolomics services team members

Afekta team, from left to right: Kati Hanhineva, Jussi Paananen, Ville Koistinen and Olli Kärkkäinen.