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kati hanhineva afekta metabolomics services

Kati Hanhineva

MSc in biochemistry and PhD in biotechnology with a strong interest in characterization of phytochemicals and their dietary importance. Fascinated by gut microbiota. Group leader in nutritional metabolomics and enthusiastic in developing the data-analytical approaches for visually pleasant metabolomics.

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olli kärkkäinen afekta metabolomics services

Olli Kärkkäinen

Doctor of Science with pharmacology background and research interest in environmental exposure (e.g. alcohol, medicines and food) induced changes in the function of the body. Specialized in central nervous system (CNS) tissue and cell culture analysis.

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jussi paananen afekta metabolomics services

Jussi Paananen

Old-school computer nerd with MSc in Computer Science and a PhD in Molecular Medicine, 15+ years of experience in bioinformatics, data science and software development. Has run an academic research group, a bioinformatics core service and a bioinformatics service company. Was a visiting scholar at the Broad Institute of MIT and Harvard. Has developed a bunch of methods and software for -omics data-analysis.

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ville koistinen afekta metabolomics services

Ville Koistinen

Doctoral student with MSc in pharmacy. Research interests include plant metabolomics, data visualization and food science, particularly the effect of food processing on the metabolite profile. Deep know-how on the structural elucidation of dietary phytochemicals.

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