The 1st Nordic Metabolomics Conference was organized at Örebro, Sweden

first nordic metabolomics conference august 2018 sweden

The 1st Nordic Metabolomics Conference was organized at Örebro, Sweden. August 26.-28.2018

Afekta was sponsoring the first Nordic Metabolomics Conference organized by the recently established Nordic Metabolomics Society. The event was held on august 26.-28.2018. We heard many excellent talks and met old and new friends at the beautiful city of Örebro, Sweden!

The panel discussion on metabolomics data analysis was very vivid and revealed the major areas of development within the area. The discussion was chaired by Matej Oresic, and participating scientists were Gary Siuzdak, Steffen Neumann, Tuulia Hyötyläinen and Tomas Pluskal.

The panel discussion highlighted the importance of good experimental design and metadata. There was also good discussion about the need to further develop standardization on data storage and annotation.

Also other presentations as well as posters in the conference were of excellent quality. They displayed how metabolomics can be used to advance many fields of study from identifying plant based compounds to advancing our understanding of molecular basis of health.