Besides the expected, want to discover the unexpected from your samples? Then metabolic profiling is the way to go!

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Our comprehensive metabolomics service consists of the following easy steps:

1. Order – Get in touch with our expert team to design and order a project suitable for your metabolomics needs
2. Send – Send your samples to our analytical laboratory
3. Analysis – We will analyze your samples using state of the art metabolomics laboratory and data-analytical methods
4. Results – Receive a complete analysis report, including interpretation, data, and result files

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We provide tailor-made, comprehensive metabolic profiling services

Our LC-MS (liquid chromatography-mass spectrometry) based analytics offers a wide coverage in terms of detected compounds, ranging from small water-soluble molecules to large lipids. We apply two different chromatographic methods, HILIC (hydrophilic interaction chromatography) to catch the water-soluble compounds, and RP (reversed-phase chromatography) to detect the non-polar compounds. Therefore, with a single analysis, we can provide a very comprehensive biochemical fingerprint of any biological sample, including biofluids, tissues, foods and plants.

Measuring the metabolic profile of your biological samples can be helpful for virtually any study or R&D question. Please contact us and together we can design a study that will help you achieve your goals! After that, it is as simple as sending in your samples. We will prepare the samples, run the mass spectrometric analysis, process the data, perform statistical analysis, and identify the compounds.

After the analysis, you will get a comprehensive visual report of the results. The report will help to answer your study questions, and hopefully create a few new ones to follow! We will use our expertise to help you interpret the results and provide you with actionable recommendations on how to utilize these results in your research or business.

As an additional custom service, we can help you to integrate the metabolomic data with your other data or create customized reports and visualizations for you – whatever it takes to ensure that you meet your goals!


We can analyze any biological material

This includes, but is not limited to, biofluids and tissues from animals, cell cultures and humans. Furthermore, we have experience in combining data from multiple biofluids and tissues to offer comprehensive overall picture of metabolic changes occurring in the body as a whole and in the organ level. This greatly increases the understanding of the study question: e.g. how the body and microbiota alter drugs or compounds found in food, or how the abundance of a biomarker differs between plasma, saliva, cerebrospinal fluid and urine. In a typical setting, the analytical platform can measure thousands of different molecular compounds from a set of samples.

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afekta metabolomic services nutrition


Nutrition is among the most influential factors affecting our metabolic health. The dietary compounds entering our body can evoke various metabolic responses that ultimately affect our health. Metabolic profiling is the perfect tool for assessing such responses. One of the greatest advantages is that metabolome reflects the effects of genetics as well as environmental exposures into a metabolic phenotype. This enables the identification and long-term monitoring of both nutritional status and individual responses to diet. We have long experience in analyzing how nutrition influences metabolic processes in the body and have discovered several novel biomarker candidates related to intake of different food items.

Check out nutrition-related scientific publications co-authored by our scientists.

afekta metabolomic services food science


Food, in particular plant-based products, contain a wealth of compounds that can have remarkable effects on our health. For example, fruits, berries and whole grains contain thousands of phytochemicals that are very challenging to analyze with traditional narrow-scope analyses. Our analytical platform offers a very wide picture of the phytochemical composition of any pant based sample, and we are very experienced in identifying various phytochemical classes. The information on phytochemical composition is useful in assessing the impact of the processing on the potential health benefits of the food product and in the development of functional foods. Our analysis can also produce a complete metabolic profile of a food product, providing an in-depth look of the thousands of molecular compounds the product consists of. Furthermore, analyzing the metabolite profile on a wide scope is a very powerful tool that can be utilized in quality control in the food industry, as well as to improve R&D projects and production processes.

Check out food-related scientific publications co-authored by our scientists.

afekta metabolomic services microbiota


The past decade of science has convincingly proven that colonic microbiota is an essential determinant of our metabolic health. Gut microbiota has even been called as an additional organ that leaves the leftovers of the consumed diet to the human body! Our scientists have a strong interest in this field of research, and have gained a solid experience in analyzing the metabolic conversions of ingested dietary compounds in the colon.

Check out microbiota-related scientific publications co-authored by our scientists.

afekta metabolomic services biomedicine


Metabolic profiling is among the most comprehensive bioanalytical tools for studying biological phenomena related to practically any biomedical research question. Metabolic profiling can be used to discover novel biomarker candidates for health and disease, to better understand disease pathology and pathways, to study both expected and unexpected effects of different therapies (e.g. drugs or biologics), as well as to generate novel hypothesis related to metabolic differences. In addition, metabolic profiling can be used for precise disease detection, stratification, and for designing and monitoring personalized prevention and treatment.

Check out biomedicine-related scientific publications co-authored by our scientists.

afekta metabolomic services in vitro

In vitro

In vitro studies, such as cell culture assays, are perfectly suitable for metabolomics analyses. The controlled environment and conditions assure that study questions can be tightly refined, and the need for biological replicates is much lower than in clinical studies.

afekta metabolomic services consulting consultancy


Need help planning, conducting or reporting your metabolomics study? Need help with experimental design, technology selection or data integration? Or maybe you have performed metabolomics study, but have difficulties in interpreting the results? Our experts have decades worth of experience in metabolomics, bioinformatics, statistics and various application fields ranging from food to pharmacy. Let us know how we can help you!


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